Sodium silicate, which is commonly known as sodium meta-silicate and is also named water-glass is in fact one of the most industrial useful and important materials due to its widespread applications.

Silica, sodium oxide and water are the main components of sodium silicate, which water plays a major role in hydrous compounds and derived anhydrous compounds of that product.

sodium silicate production method consists of two different methods including dry and wet methods, which every product is produced according to the type of that products specification and application. In fact, it can be said that sodium silicate is an oxygen polymer that contains ionic components and differs from the molecular structure of ordinary ionic materials such as salt. Sodium silicates are very similar to carbon-based plastics due to silicon-silicon covalent bonds between each monomer. Sodium silicate is considered in various industries, including detergent, paper making, ceramic, refractory, casting, concrete and also for better sealing in automobiles. Since sodium silicate can easily be dissolved in water, it can eventually produce an alkaline solution. The compounds of this substance are colorless and are stable in solutions that are neutral or alkaline, but sodium silicate in acidic solutions forms silicic acid, so that the reaction between silicate ions Hydrogen ions are formed and when the silicic acid is heated, a material called silica gel is derived from it. Silica gel is a glassy but hard material.

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