Bavand chemical industries Co. with the participation of foreign investor and also using the world-class technology by reputable specialists of PQ and Capitan companies in recent years, has become a reliable support for well-known consumer companies due to the stability of the quality and production diversity in sodium silicate products. The daily production capacity of Bavand chemical industries is 500 tons of liquid sodium silicate. Meanwhile, potassium silicate and powders production design and planning is in progress, while other products are in production.

The company also obtained its rightful place in various industries same as Paper and Ceramic over time, so that tile and ceramic companies currently supply all of their sodium silicates from Bavand Chemical Industries.

Due to the different uses of sodium silicate in various industries which, unfortunately is rarely known in Iran, this company focused on developing the Practical use of this material so that was able to replace (Substitute) this material with imported chemicals in various usages especially in the construction industry and electrodeposition techniques.