Statement of values:
The quality of our products is the result of our love to work in a dynamic, effective and value-creating environment.
It is our honor to meet the needs of our customers and create peace of mind for them in buying from us.
It is our duty to provide continuous and value-added services to the customer community.
Benefiting from elites, experts and efficient human resources is our necessity.
Protecting the environment and adhering to its principles is our belief and commitment.
“Organizational Charter of Bavand Chemistry”
We at Bavand Chemical Group are determined to rank first in terms of quality in every field of business process we enter, because we consider quality to be the result of love for our work, and we act very agile and efficient in terms of speed of action. We produce any kind of customer’s needs with creativity, and whenever and wherever we meet a customer, we look at his views with a smile and respect, and while understanding his needs, wants and demands, it is our duty to satisfy and secure his mind. We are proud of it.

Community of domestic and foreign customers of Bavand Chemical Group
Steel companies and manufacturers of sponge iron (briquette making)
Manufacturing companies of cosmetics and health products
Tile, ceramic and sanitary porcelain production companies
Paper and cellulose production companies
Manufacturers of cartons, bobbins and raw materials for packaging industries
Metal casting and smelting industries
Manufacturing companies of refractory and non-flammable materials
Agriculture industry
Concrete and drilling industries
Rubber industry
Manufacturing companies of electrodes and welding powders
Food and pharmaceutical industries
Silicate production and processing industries such as: metasilicate, nanosilicate, cosilicate, etc.